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Family of Chaim SEGALOWITZ and Helena Johanna BAX

Husband: Chaim SEGALOWITZ (1914-1991?)
Wife: Helena Johanna BAX (1925- )
Children: Elizabeth SEGALOWITZ (1959- )
Marriage 23 Dec 1947 Nicosia, Cyprus

Husband: Chaim SEGALOWITZ

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 16 Apr 1914 Rebosewitz, Poland
Occupation Opticien + Administrator
Religion Jewish
Death 1991 (app) (age 76-77) Montreal, Canada

Wife: Helena Johanna BAX

Name: Helena Johanna BAX
Sex: Female
Father: Leendert Pieter BAX (1897-1961)
Mother: Elisabeth VERSTEEG (1902-1979)
Birth 29 Jun 1925 Wijk en Aalburg, NL
Religion Jewish
Emigration 1946 (app) (age 20-21) from Rotterdam, NL to Montreal, Canada
National or Tribal Origin Nethrlands
Child Count 1
Marriage Count 1

Child 1: Elizabeth SEGALOWITZ

Name: Elizabeth SEGALOWITZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ted SOKOLSKY (1951- )
Birth 13 May 1959 Montreal, Canada
Religion Jewish