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Thomas SCHEEPERS's other family: with Karin Katharina ALBERDA (1958- )
Thomas SCHEEPERS's brother: Eddy Godfried SCHEEPERS (1959- )

Family of Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS and Carolina HOOGSTAD

Husband: Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS (1955- )
Wife: Carolina HOOGSTAD (1957- )
Children: Chaim Ilan SCHEEPERS (1985- )
Status: Divorced
Marriage 1 Jun 1977 Rotterdam, NL

Husband: Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS

      Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS, "00000041"    
Name: Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS (1932-2003)
Mother: Dirkje Adriana BAX (1932- )
Birth 10 Jun 1955 Rotterdam, NL
Religion None

Wife: Carolina HOOGSTAD

Name: Carolina HOOGSTAD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Jul 1957 Schiedam, NL

Child 1: Chaim Ilan SCHEEPERS

      Chaim Ilan SCHEEPERS, "00000074 - Copy"    
Name: Chaim Ilan SCHEEPERS
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Dec 1985 Schiedam, NL
Religion None
National or Tribal Origin Nethrlands
Residence Amsterdam, NL

Note on Marriage

Divorce finilased at:

Note on Husband: Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS (1)

Military service:

14 months of which 2 months home; because of a complex sprained ankle after being in the service for 1 day

Note on Husband: Thomas Bernardus SCHEEPERS (2)


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