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This is where I live

And here I will live very soon in Rotterdam Netherlands


Biographical information

I was born in 1959 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After primairy school,, secudaitry school I went to the Delft University of technology for a study in Engineering. I graduated as Metallurgical engineer (MSc) in 1988.

In 2000 I moved to Oslo, Norway to work for a Norwegian companyf.

Where do I work



The weather has always fascinated me. Since 2002 I have my own weather station and the data of it is uploaded to the web on an hourly bases.to my weather page:  webpage with all the data. Nice pictures related to weathercan be found there as well..

For the rest I am a lover of Science Fiction both books and films (first  video and later DVD).

Not surprisingly are Startrek en Starwars my favorites.

Computers has always been a hot item geweest. My first PC I bought in 1990 (16 MHz and 640 kB internal memory with a 20 MB hard disk)


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